The Astros pitching is absolutely terrifying…

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Their pitchers have a combined 2.66 ERA. The next lowest belongs to the Diamondbacks, at 3.05. 

The next best pitching in their division is that of the Angles, who have the 13th lowest ERA. (4.03)

MLB has an average ERA of 4.12. 

BUT in 2018, ERA isn’t everything. According to the Boston Globe*, WHIP (Walks plus hits allowed per inning pitched) is another good measure.

So, let’s put the Astros under that lens and see where we are at:

MLB has a current average of 1.31 in WHIP. Your high and low points are 1.01-1.52. The lowest, once again, are those darn Astros. 

Individually, we have a few more stories to tell. Statistically, the best pitcher in either league is Justin Verlander. His ERA is 1.17 (with a WHIP of .71). The next best pitcher is his teammate, Gerrit Cole (ERA of 1.42, WHIP of .69). Statistically, of the 92 pitchers listed on pitching staff, the Astro’s WORST pitcher (Lance McCullers Jr.) has an ERA of 3.73. Contextually, in the rest of the league there are 21 teams with a worse ERA than McCullers.

What does this mean?

Well, Houston has started this year strong on a number of fronts; pitching being a very notable front. But, the Houston pitching core is made up of offseason trades (Cole, Morton, Verlander), and homegrown talent (Kuechel, and McCullers Jr.). This shows other ownership groups that you both need to groom prospects appropriately, but also not be afraid to open the purse strings when there is a talent on the horizon.

Despite the AL being known for it’s bats, Houston has assembled one heck of a rotation. Let’s see if the best hitters in the AL can make some noise against them.
For what it is worth, the Astro’s also have the 3rd best hitting in the majors.

(I will continue crying into my Ranger cap)

Data is as of 6.29 CDT on 05/08/2018