Post Season Predictions

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Hey Grounds-crew, I wanted to share exactly who I like (as well as dislike) for this years baseball postseason.

2018 MLB Playoff Picture
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In order of most hated to most loved, check it out:

10. Houston – The Astros (while great, AND a Texas team) earned my eir this year by signing suspended player Roberto Osuna. What the heck, yall. This is baseball. I guess it wouldn’t be 2018 in America without people not listening to accusations from women. 

9. Atlanta – time to change your name, boys. I stand with standing rock.
That being said, there are a TON of young players who I do look forward to seeing for years to come.
Sorry Sam

8.  Cleveland – See Atlanta, but with less young talent.

7. Colorado – one of my favorite coach – pitch teams I played for when I was a kid.
Plus, Denver is a cool town.

6. Oakland – dreamed of playing Gilman growing up. Someone has to rep the east bay, even when all other teams have left.

5. Boston – I am split on Boston. On the one hand, I would love to see them do well after a very historic season. On the other, J-Mac loves Boston, and I take a strange delight in watching his teams fail. So, 50/50.

4. Chicago – The Cubs. After winning it all (breaking a curse) and having a season-long hangover, the cubs are back. BUT, given the way they were hosed by the young and hungry Brew-Crew, they have some ground to cover.
which brings me to…

3. Milwaukee – This Brewers team is hot, and was the strongest team to come out of the NL. They have one of the strongest chances to beat Boston out of the NL.
I am interested to see what the odds are that a) they win it all or b) that if Kavenaugh is confirmed he starts trying to take the nick-name “Brew-Crew” for the Supreme Court.

2. New York – This re-built Yankees team has bats for miles, especially after adding McCutchen. But, do they have the pitching to go all the way? 
(Spoiler alert: they don’t)

1. Los Angeles – That’s right, folks, Ben Baseball’s pick from the beginning of the season is still who I am going for to win the whole enchilada. Despite rebuilding mid season, they have the gumption to take it all the way, especially after dropping the series last year to Houston.

I can’t wait to see how this shakes out!

It’s playoff time, baby!