Ben Basically Hates Jumanji

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The other day, B-Eazy and I were on Sensibly Loud Radio, talking about movies, as we tend to do. We got on to the subject of Jumanji and I overzealously stated that Jumanji will go down as famous as any Jimmy Stewart movie. Clearly, I was kidding, as Jimmy Stewart was a pioneer. 

This did, however, lead Ben and I to a conversation that absolutely blew my mind. 

Ben was listening to the episode of Radio and took issue with my Jimmy Stewart take. Again, it was an over the top take, but I will tell you one thing: I surely was not ready for the take that Ben fired back. 

He proceeded to rank the top Robin Williams movies, and to be fair, he did state that these are in no particular order:

-Good Morning Vietnam

-Mrs. Doubtfire



-Death to Smoochy

Lets break this down because I can get on board with every one of these except for one:

-Good morning Vietnam: An instant classic that is Robin Williams at his absolute funniest. There is nothing that beats the energy that he brings when he gets on the airwaves. Check.

-Mrs. Doubtfire: You can’t even question this one. RW dresses up like an English woman and babysits his own kids. Sally Field was also incredible so this one definitely passes the test. Check.

-Aladdin: Easily the best cartoon movie from my childhood. RW voiced the Genie and brought it. Absolutely agree with this take. Check. 

-Hook: Another childhood classic. RW teaming up with Steven Spielberg to produce Peter Pan gold? Sign me up. Voted in to the HOF here. Check. 

-Death to Smoochy: Ok….so this is where I have an issue. Ben wants to tell me that DEATH TO SMOOCHY belongs in the top 5 and so JUMANJI gets left out?! Smoochy, the pink hippo, is better than Carl the shoe maker? Get lost, pal. 

I wouldn’t have had any issue if he had chosen Good Will Hunting or even Patch Adams over Jumanji. But Death to Smoochy?!

While I am glad that he spared me the relief of not including Flubber in his top 5, I’m positively flabbergasted by Ben’s take on this. 

Ben: care to comment?