Angel Hernandez: Confirmed Bad

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On Monday night, the Red Sox traveled to the Bronx for Game 3 of the ALDS. This much anticipated game ended up being an absolute blood bath, yielding a 16-1 win for the Red Sox. 

A lot of things went well for the Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi pitched 7 nearly flawless innings, every single player in Boston’s lineup got a hit off either Severino or Lance Lynn, Brock Holt hit for the cycle, all while things never really got off the ground for New York. 

Sam and I watched this game while recording a new episode of the Outfielder, and we learned one thing pretty quickly last night: Angel Hernandez is a really terrible umpire. 

Now, Sam and I have been hating on Angel Hernandez for years. This is certainly not the first time we’ve talked about him. He’s been in the POS corner on the show, and overall, he’s been responsible for some really horrendous baseball calls over the years. You know….his job….

During the playoffs MLB adds extra umpires on the field to improve accuracy and reduce the need for instant replay as much as possible. This is all well and good, however, it doesn’t really help insure accuracy when you send a guy out there who has a better chance of finding a shed that Ben constructed than seeing a baseball.  

Angel Hernandez was the ump who was watching first base to determine if runners were safe or not, and boy did he do a real bang up job. 

As the game went on and the challenges/replays added up, Angel Hernandez seemed to be getting worse and worse. There were 5 total reviews, 3 of which were overturned. THREE! Thats absurd. 

Most of them were clearly either safe or out, and his original call wasn’t even close. 

We’ve complained about him before, and we will complain about him again, I’m sure. But this guy is the worst at his job. I can’t imagine that MLB is going to run him out there again during these playoffs, but they’ve done crazier things. 

I received a text from one of my good buddies that read “Might as well just replace the first base ump with a camera.” 

Stationary camera > Angel Hernandez.