Astros Take Game 1 of the ALCS

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On Saturday night, the Houston Astros won Game 1 of the ALCS, against the Boston Red Sox.

It was a pitching matchup for the ages: Chris Sale vs. Justin Verlander. Unfortunately, only one of these guys showed up to pitch. 

Chris Sale’s velocity and command both looked off as he struggled to find the zone. Justin Verlander, on the other hand, hit every single one of his spots. He also, had the benefit of an ump who was calling an incredibly wide zone, but that doesn’t excuse the Red Sox ineptitude when it comes to capitalizing on big moments. 

Boston’s lethal lineup saw its bats go silent, as Verlander mowed down every single hitter that he faced, with ease. Verlander only got in to a couple of tight spots, and usually came out unscathed. 

This is still going to be a hell of a series. Game 2 is tonight, going up against the Patriots/Chiefs game on Sunday night football. 

The Red Sox need a win tonight before heading to Houston. 

I honestly see that happening though, which is the good news.