The Red Sox Are Going To The World Series

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I made the prediction in April. I’ve stood behind it all year, while listening to constant “…but the Astros….”. And here we are.

The Red Sox beat the Astros on Thursday, in 4 straight games (losing the first) to win an American League Pennant,  and advance to the World Series. This will be Boston’s first World Series appearance since winning in 2013. This will the their 4th time in the World Series in 15 years. 

The winner of the National League Pennant hasn’t been decided yet, but the Dodgers currently have a 3-2 series lead on the Brewers. 

Regardless of who comes out of the NL, I’m absolutely stoked for this. This Red Sox team is special. Alex Cora is the most unique team I’ve seen since the Band of Idiots. 

This goes without saying but I’m all in.

Lets go #RedSoxNation