I Can’t Stand Alex Bregman.

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Now that the dust has settled from Boston’s thrashing of the Astros in the ALCS, I have had some time to soak in the fact that the Red Sox are going to their 4th World Series in 15 years. That feels pretty damn good. 

You know what also feels pretty damn good? The fact that Alex Bregman will sit on his couch and watch the Red Sox destroy whichever team comes out of the NLCS, which the Brewers decided to make very interesting on Friday night, by tying the series up at 3-3. 

I absolutely despise Alex Bregman. I can’t stand any professional athlete who thinks its acceptable to battle with idiot fan comments on social media. Social media has become quite the paradigm in a way, giving professional athletes their own, uncensored voice. But when it comes to having an uncensored voice, it is imperative to use that voice in a tactful manner.

Fighting with fans who don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time is not a tactful manner…

Which brings us to this cocky, buffoon’s stunt before Game 3 of this ALCS. The Red Sox sent Nathan Eovaldi to the hill to face Dallas Keuchel, former strike thrower. Bregman posted a video on his Instagram story, showing Eovaldi surrendering back-to-back-to-back dongs earlier in the season when he pitched for Tampa Bay. His caption read, “a little pre-game warm up video”. 

Bregman was certainly told by the team to remove the video because it disappeared within a few hours, which is no surprise, given how kindly Yankees fans have been treating Aaron Judge for walking out of Fenway Park blasting “New York, New York” on his boom box. 

And guess what happened later that night? The Red Sox routed the Astros 8-2, with Eovaldi going 6 innings, surrendering the only 2 Houston runs and striking out 4. Easily his strongest performance since he has arrived in Boston, aside from his first two starts in August. 

In Game 5, David Price pitched a gem, something that he is not known for when it comes to the Post Season. Price went 6 innings, allowed 0 runs on 3 hits and struck out 9 batters. Nathan Eovaldi came on in relief to strike out Bregman, with a flame throwing fastball to end the inning. David Price was seen in the dugout, yelling “POST THAT!”. 

(Beat writers love to paint a picture of David Price being the worst guy in the world. His teammates love him because he protects them, stands up for them and respects them. This kind of thing is the exact reason why.)

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a firey player like Bregman. Hell, its the same thing that I respect the most about David Price. But David Price doesn’t troll people. He lets his work back up his greatness. He doesn’t have to try to shine light on the fact that he is good.  

When your team is down in a series, no matter by how many games, chirping is never the answer. It CAN have a powerful result by being a motivational factor that can help turn an entire clubhouse around. But it can also have the opposite affect, should things start to go south. 

I couldn’t stand Bregman going in to this series and that will continue, I’m sure. I hope that he learned a lesson about gloating here because this has been a really tough look for him. The silly part about it is that if he would have just picked his head up, looked around at whats going on around him, instead of paying attention to Eovaldi’s struggles on a different team in June, he would have taken note of Aaron Judge getting killed for the exact same thing.