Side A: The Amari Trade

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This two blog series covers the trade of Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys gave up a 1st round pick to the Raiders for Cooper. 

Side A was written by Kyle Beats. Side B was written by J.B. 

The following is Side A by Kyle Beats.

Upon receiving news that the Dallas Cowboys had traded their 2019 1st round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for Amari Cooper I was enraged to say the least. Now that I have taken a few days to digest the situation, I have dialed it down from enraged to moderately pissed.

I love all my Dallas teams, but the Cowboys are by far my number one squad. I want nothing more than this trade to work. That needs to be headlined before I tee off on this bullshit deal. I want to be fair though, so let’s look at the pros and the cons.

I’ll be optimistic for a chance and start with the pros that Cowboys fans seemed to be focused on:

-Amari Cooper is 24 years old and has a lot of football ahead of him

-He has an incredibly cap friendly deal for 2018

-1 of only 9 players in NFL history to start his career with consecutive 1,000+ yard seasons

-He has WR1 capabilities and will absolutely draw double coverage in some cases and make it easier on his teammates

-Dude is a hoss. He’s 6’1” 225 (not 210 like wikipedia says, that was his combine weight) and he has 4.4 wheels

Back to my normal self now. Here is the laundry list of cons:

-He has a player option for $13.9M next year which he is simply not worth at this point in time. Yeah Sammy Watkins makes $16M a year, but we could have taken Calvin Ridley and had him on a rookie deal so shut the fuck up about fair market value

-My man has dropped a TON of balls, but in fairness, not as many as people think. Keenan Allen dropped more balls in 2017 than Amari just to give some perspective

-His QB play is not getting any better. Derek Carr is certainly no Aaron Rodgers, but he ain’t any worse than Dak

-You could have traded a 5th round pick, presumably, for Josh Gordon. Who is way fucking better

-If you trade a 1st round pick it needs to be used on someone that can change a franchise. Aside from maybe 4 or 5 guys a WR isn’t going to do that. Oh by the way, Amari is not one of those guys

-A lot of speculation, that I agree with, says we did this to keep him away from a division opponent. Which is terrible reason to give up a 1st round pick

-I’ll fucking say it. Is Amari really any better than Dez?

There is no doubt Amari has talent and is going to make the Cowboys offense better, or at least, give them some resemblance of threat in the passing game. However, to trade a first round pick is insane to me. I understand that less than 60% of first rounders end up being 3 year starters. Also, I am aware that the 2019 WR class is very weak. That isn’t the point though. The point is the Dallas Cowboys have way more holes to fill on their roster besides WR. We need a LT, S, TE…., oh and a goddamn QB. I trust Steven Jones in the draft and Dallas has hit on guys like Zeke, Byron Jones and Vander Esch over the past 4 years. I believe that we will undoubtedly look back and regret this trade, but I am still hoping that this can get us to 9-7 so we can win this weak ass division. 

I would have been much happier if we could’ve traded a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Amari as we originally thought may happen, but as my fellow Cowboy fans know, we always find a way to fuck it up.