Side B: The Amari Trade

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This two blog series covers the trade of Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys gave up a 1st round pick to the Raiders for Cooper. 

Side A was written by Kyle Beats. Side B was written by J.B. 

The following is Side A by J.B.

The Dallas Cowboys, on Monday decided to trade their 2019 first round draft pick to the Raiders in exchange for wide receiver, Amari Cooper. A lot has been said about over paying for a 24 year-old, 2 time Pro Bowler wide receiver. I’m here to tell you why it was brilliant. 

First, this gives the Cowboys the top wideout that they need. You must provide this offense with a weapon defenses fear. There is no top end wide receiver in this years draft class and it seems the Cowboys saw more value in a known player such as Cooper, rather than over drafting an obvious need. 

To the free agency question, here is a list of the “top” options: 

Golden Tate (31)

Randall Cobb (29)

John Brown (29)

Chris Hogan (30)

None of these provide you the punch that you need. 

Cooper now comes in with 2 weeks to get familiar with the offense. His past offense coordinators are from the Scott Linehan coaching tree. This should allow him and the Cowboys to see production quickly out of the break. 

The biggest piece on why this is a successful trade is it allows you to truly evaluate Dak. He will now have 1.5 years to show the front office and the fans that he is the guy. No more excuses about not having talent on the outside. This season may not give us all the answers but it sets up the 2019 season very nicely.

Dallas fans, I get it, it seems like a steep price. That’s a fair and rational thought. This is the price the Seahawks wanted for Earl Thomas. You must realize without this trade this offense would look very similar next year because of a down wide receiver draft and a talentless free agent class. 

After watching the season up to this point, one could agree that Dallas needs a top wide receiver more than a safety. In the next year and half we will find out if Dallas has their franchise quarterback. 

That, in itself is worth the trade.