The Browns Continue to Browns

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The Cleveland Browns finally came to their senses today and fired Hugh Jackson after two and a half seasons. Jackson is statistically the worst NFL coach of all time, with a 3-36-1 record, including an 0-16 campaign in 2017. That is a .088 winning percentage. 

The Browns also fired offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, naming their current RB coordinator as the replacement OC. Baker Mayfield has certainly suffered from some offensive ineptitude, but hasn’t every other high draft pick that they’ve had for the past….well, tell you what. Lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

For simplicity sake, we’ll name 2012-2016 first round picks:

-Trent Richardson (traded)

-Brandon Weeden (cut)

-Barkevious Mingo (traded)

-Justin Gilbert (traded)

-Johnny Manziel (cut)

-Danny Shelton (traded)

-Cam Erving (traded)

-Corey Coleman (traded)

Thats a hell of a rough list. So I would say that there is certainly fault to go around. I mean, after all, we’re talking about the Browns here. A team who couldn’t trade for AJ McCarron because nobody was in the office. 

The real story here is that the Browns replaced Hugh Jackson with all time moron Gregg Williams. Everybody remembers Williams for his role in HBO’s Hardknocks this year, where he played the ultimate hard ass. 

But do you know what else he is seldom known for? He was the defensive coordinate for the New Orleans Saints in 2009, the very same defensive coordinator who created a bounty fund to pay players for big hits on QBs and others. Namely, hits that would knock a player unconscious or hurt them severely.

This was an enormous, disgusting scandal for the NFL and they tried their best to keep it extremely quiet. Gregg Williams so swiftly exited out the back door to join Jeff Fisher’s (mega eye roll) staff in St. Louis. And since all of this, he has bounced around to several teams, unsuccessfully, until landing with the Browns. 

The Browns have now named this guy as their interim coach. They named a guy who cannot follow specific rules as their head coach over Hugh Jackson. I mean, come on….

In a way, this whole thing is absolutely flabberghasting. But, in another way, its the Browns so it is not, all together, surprising.