4 Years Later: Clark the Cub – Mascot Disaster

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The other day I was browsing Twitter and saw a photo of Wally (the Red Sox mascot), standing beside Clark the Cub. Clark the Cub is the mascot for the Chicago Cubs. 

It immediately took me back to one of my favorite mascot memories ever. I know what you’re thinking…”J-Mac….how many mascot memories could you possibly have?” The answer to that question is “oh buddy….more than you would think.” 

I reflected on January of 2014. when the Chicago Cubs debuted their new mascot, Clark the Cub. The team put on a big press conference, revealed the actual mascot, along with a cartoon version. Clark is everything that you would look for in a pants-less mascot, and then some. 

Now, truthfully, Clark is pretty cool. He’s got a ton of energy, he engages the crowd at games and generally has a great time doing what he does best. (…mascotting? is that a thing?) Clark is everything that you would look for in a pants-less mascot, and then some. 

I mean, come on now, he can’t be any worse than Gritty, the newest mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. 

The thing that jumps out at me most about Clark the Cubs’ reveal, wasn’t that the team got a new mascot. Its that the team released the cartoon picture of Clark on their social media accounts, which caused the internet to show up. 

The internet is a great place. Some say that it is a dumping ground of thoughts and places where people can hide behind their computers and give their opinions, without being held accountable. Hell, isn’t that kind of what SLM is? 

But every now and then, the internet produces an absolute gem, that is undeniably funny. This was one of those times:

Ok. The fact that some internet prankster took the image of a perfectly innocent Cub named Clark and completely defiled him is just preposterously funny. 

And! Theres more! 

During all of the mania of Clark’s entrance on to the mascot scene, a local news station overzealously showed the image of Clark, while doing a news story on his arrival. 

Do I really need to tell you which photo they ran on the news cast? You already know which one they ran. Do news stations not have interns that watch for things like this? How does this slip past everyone? 

What an absolute calamity. I love when things like this happen. And I love it more when a news station innocently makes it worse.