Major League Baseball Can’t Get Out of Its Own Way

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While watching the Red Sox play in the World Series, I thought a lot about why I love the game of baseball as much as I do. Its honest, patient and brutal, all wrapped in to one. It has, without a question, the richest history of any major sport in the world, and its not even close. The names span from Cap Anson to 3 Finger Brown to Tony Suck to Babe Ruth to Joe DiMaggio to Ted Williams to Pete Rose….Well….you get the idea. 

Baseball’s history is what makes it such an incredible sport to watch. It is progressive, yet old timey. It has a certain old-fashion charm that will never truly die in America, which is irreplaceable. Embracing this woven tapestry of history and present day ball should be a no-brainer for Major League Baseball. Yet they, somehow, continue to get in their own way. 

People wonder why baseball seems to be over shadowed by all of the major sports. The reason is that the people in the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball are absolute buffoons. 

Last night, the Patriots played the Packers on Sunday Night Football. Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers. The likely last time that these two QBs will ever face each other on the field. This was a premier night for the NFL, as if Sunday Night Football doesn’t rule supreme, no matter what. 

I was browsing Twitter during the game and noticed that Major League Baseball released the Golden Glove Awards to different players around baseball. This is a prestigious award in baseball and accolades that can often have contract implications for a player. It is an award to recognize their hard work and dedication to the sport…. And these guys drop it in the middle of a prime time NFL game on NBC? Its almost like they didn’t want people to see it…

What the hell?

The league could have seized the opportunity by hosting an award show a week after the World Series to put its players on display to the world. Maybe in the city that won the World Series? Who knows? I’m just spit balling ideas. 

Mike Trout is one of the best players in baseball, currently, and I would be willing to be that less than 50% of people could pick him out of a lineup. Guys like Nolan Arenado could be a household name if baseball would spend the resources to market the game in a better way. (Nolan Arenado has won 4 successive Golden Gloves since 2014 but I bet that you, the reader, didn’t know that, huh?)

Major League Baseball is absolutely insane for letting this gift slip through their hands. The game will never grow unless the MLB leans in to the fact that the population is changing, just like anything else. They’re going to have to use a bend but not break mentality when changing some of these things but they really do need to modernize the game for today’s youth generation. 

From the end of the NBA Finals until the NFL season starts, baseball is the only major sport on TV. If they would take the time to market their players like the NBA has done with guys like Steph Curry, they would see the popularity of baseball rise again. 

Baseball is an incredible sport. I suppose it takes a bit of an old soul to understand the game. But it really doesn’t need to be that way.