State of Emergency for The Cowboys?

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Here we are again, mid-november and the Cowboys are in their typical form of pure irrelivancy, an all to familiar of a place. 

After last week’s double-digit home loss to the incredibly mediocre Tennessee Titans, I think it’s only right to say we can waive this season goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I will still have a hopeless sense of optimism that all Cowboy fans seem to come equip with. We will analyze the schedule game by game and convince ourselves that there is still hope until we are mathematically eliminated. It’s a sickness really. However, I do believe there are more positives looking forward than most of Cowboys Nation.

For starters, Dak and Zeke are both still under favorable rookie deals. Zeke will get paid, that’s obvious. How much is to be determined, but I am all for giving our best player a deal similar to a Todd Gurley type. Dak will make less than $1M next year and although I have expressed that I am not sold on Dak’s ability as NFL passer, you have to give him one more year at that price. Plus, having Amari, a young talent like Michael Gallup, along with Zeke and Beas…excuses are out the damn window. 

Next, our defense is immensely better and will only improve. We will certainly have to make sure that signing Tank Lawrence is a priority since he is on a franchise tag. Assuming that the Cowboys manage to get that done, Dallas will have one of the fastest and youngest defenses in the league. Defensive back coach, Kris Richard, is a phenomenal position coach and worthy of being a defensive coordinator. He is maximizing a young secondary and you can bet that his stock will only rise from here. It seems as though the inevitable demise of Sean Lee has arrived, as the once “heart-and-soul” of the Cowboy’s defense is rarely making an impact. The young linebacking core led by Jaylen Smith and LVE has huge upside and will certainly be key building blocks moving forward.

There are two big areas that need improvement for the Cowboys to be successful next season. One is obvious, but the other isn’t so apparent. The obvious is that the coaching staff needs an overhaul. I don’t think Jason Garrett is a bad coach, but he is not a Super Bowl, or even a playoff caliber coach. It’s been 9 years and it’s time to move on from mediocrity. Along with Red J, Scott Linehan needs to be kicked to the curb. It is unbelievable how predictable his play calling is, at times, which has been so painful to watch. Zeke got 6 touches in the second half against the Titans. It just goes on and on. 

The second issue is the offensive line. Losing Travis Frederick for the year (maybe more), aging of Tyron Smith and underperformance from Looney and Collins has taken this line from elite to average. We need to allocate a draft pick in one of the first two rounds this year to address the problem and have some young talent to go with Connor Williams and a well-aging Zack Martin.

There are a lot of questions there, and not a lot of clear answers yet. I really do believe, however, that the Cowboy’s can be a Super Bowl contender with Dak at the helm. In order for that to come to fruition, everything else must be absolutely flawless. And that is a tall order. 

Currently the Cowboys have 5 losses, and the math says that they can still win the division. So until then, Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl! 

I told you… it seriously is a sickness.