Zach Smith is Insane.

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In today’s world it is hard to hide from the past… or the present for that matter. A keyboard gives folks the power of speech, which is very valuable. But it also gives the public the ability to search through people’s social media past. We’ve seen the number of firings of high ranking officials across many industries climb lately, due to content found on social media platforms. 

One of the more recent publicized firings was Zach Smith, former wide receiver and assistant football coach at Ohio State. Since being fired, Zach has accepted a plea deal to resolve the charges against him by his ex-wife, Courtney Smith. Most of us were moving on from this story until Zach decided to go on Twitter storm. And it was quite the meltdown. 

If you don’t follow or know his username on Twitter it is @coachzachsmith. Somehow no one has told or forced him to remove the idiotic tweets that he has sent. The first tweet was:

“How do @CoachTomHerman and @belletjh feelin after their horrendously underperforming season? Better question – How does she feel about her husband being the biggest shitbag in America!! Doesn’t want to ruin her own life? Just like she told my ex.. I’m done being quiet MICHELLE.” 

Zach and, now Texas coach, Tom Herman worked under Urban Meyer together. For reasons that are not quite apparent, Zach feels that Tom has thrown him under a bus. Zach goes on to produce a handful of tweets accusing Tom of cheating on his wife with college girls, going to Asian massage parlor, and stealing Gatorades in order to mix with vodka.

He goes on to insult random people about their profile pic, which is not a good look for someone in his position. The most common theme in his list of non-sensical tweets is him not allowing people to ruin his life without ruining them. He has acted like a child and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. 

It’s hard to watch a man air his dirty laundry out in public, let alone trying to air out someone else’s too. His world has been crushed and ruined by his abusive actions and he needs to own up to them. Zach needs to realize that he has children that are going to answer for him looking like an absolute buffoon. 

Overall the Zach Smith story, tweets, and allegations made about Tom Herman are concerning. But it provides an important lesson.

These examples show why parents need to be part of a thorough recruitment process. Parents, ask to meet all the coaches on the staff and spend time talking to current and former players. These coaches are suppose to guide these young men and women through college and the early parts of their life. If you have time, tweet at Zach Smith and give him encouragement. This is a lost man who needs guidance. If you’re interested, he will be on the Dan Dakich show Tuesday at 1pm to discuss whatever he thinks people want to hear and be said.