Updated: The Browns Want to Interview Condoleezza Rice

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This morning as I was sipping my coffee and browsing the news, I received an article from one of my best buddies, that was written by Adam Schefter. Schefter is the ultimate NFL insider, so we clearly follow him relatively closely. 

As I read the article, my jaw hit the floor. “The Browns have interest in interviewing Condoleezza Rice for their head coaching vacancy”. Let me reiterate: the Browns want to hire Condie to coach their football team. 

Now, don’t get me wrong: I think it’s incredible that they’re considering hiring the first female NFL head coach. It’s going to happen some time in the near future and I, personally, feel that it is an untapped market of coaching talent that teams have looked over for years. 

I also like and respect Condoleezza Rice. She served as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush and represented the United States in the most positive light during that tenure. She was the first female member at Augusta National. She is also known as a lifelong Browns fan. 

There is really only one issue with Condie being the head coach of the Browns….she has no experience… 

I realize that this is nothing shy of a publicity stunt, and that she will not be seriously considered for this opening. But I wouldn’t put it past the Browns to do something this stupid. I mean we are talking about an organization who forgot to fax papers over to the Bengals when trying to trade for AJ McCarron. We’re talking about an organization whose Chief Strategy Officer is Paul DePodesta. For those that don’t know, DePodesta’s was once the General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets. 

I’m not 100% positive that his experience in baseball qualifies him to run strategy for an NFL team. 

Perhaps this is the Browns’ way of checking the box for the Rooney Rule. Talk about showcasing it to the world, if that is the case. 

The Browns can’t hire a Romeo Crennel, an Eric Mangini, a Pat Shurmur, a Rob Chudzinski, a Mike Pettine, a Hue Jackson, or…for the love of God, they can’t do this….they can’t hire a Gregg Williams. 

The Browns have a golden opportunity with Baker Mayfield and some of the parts around him. They have a shot at being a very good football team within the next few years. The Browns’ brass, as incompetent as they’ve proven themselves, have to make the right hire here. 

They can’t miss. 

Update: Condie has weighed in