The Markelle Fultz Era In Philly May Be Coming To An End

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The Markelle Fultz era may be coming to a swift close for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Word is that the team is “tired” of waiting for Fultz to come around and actually start making baskets. This is definitely a disappointment of a first round pick for Phily. 

Fultz was drafted number 1 overall by the 76ers in 2017, after swapping the pick with the Boston Celtics. This pick, for the Celtics, was a pick swap that came by way of the trade with the Brooklyn Nets, in 2014. The trade was an absolute massacre for the Nets, and completely rebuilt the Celtics. 

Philly drafted Fultz out of the University of Washington, where he had an illustrious career before heading to the NBA. Things in the NBA haven’t worked out well, to put it mildly. 

Since arriving in Philly, Fultz has suffered from a case of the yips. The team has never come out and said that it is a mental issue, but at this point, there is no other reasonable explanation. Fultz can’t hit his shots. He has spent a year reworking his shot. He has stayed off the radar, almost entirely, with “shoulder injuries” and the like, yet he still has not been able to overcome the issue. 

It seems, now, that Philly is done waiting on Fultz to improve, and would like to move on from this nightmare of a situation. 

Truthfully, it probably isn’t a bad thing for Fultz, should the team decide to trade him. The only issue is that he has almost no value. So in 2018, the Sixers will have to trade a 2017 number 1 overall pick for peanuts. That is a tough pill to swallow. 

The Sixers recently acquired rental player-turned-team cancer Jimmy Butler. Butler fills the role that Fultz was supposed to be as a shooter and a defender. They will now be tasked with finding a team who will give up anything at all for a guy with the case of the yips. 

Maybe a change of scenery will do him some good. There are a lot of teams that are in the midst of a rebuild who could trade a 2nd round pick to take a shot at figuring him out. It could be a solid value for one of these teams, and it’ll be interested to see if any team bites.