Ben Baseball Vs. Public Transportation

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Good morning, Sensibly Loud family, and a happy holiday season to you and yours.

I wanted to fill y’all in on a trip that I took north recently, for the wedding of our very own Duster Dan! That’s right, folks, my twin brother got married, and I could not be more proud. 

But, that is all beside the point. You see, as I was journeying around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I found myself utilizing their public transportation system (as I am too cheap to rent a car and was done bumming rides off of my parents like I was 15 again).  As a result, I needed to get from point A (the Mall of America) to point B (the airport).

A quick Google search showed me (and the man at the sushi shop confirmed) I just had to hop on a train and ride to the airport. It is that easy.

Or at least, it should have been…

You see; I grew up in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area with little-to-no public transportation. While I love the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this commuter city has quite a few areas of opportunity when it comes to public transportation.

As a result, this (debatably) competent man of 30 may have fed money to the wrong machine while being overwhelmed and judged by a crowd of Viking fans, (fresh off the high of beating up on Detroit). I may have ran to avoid missing a train, and then tried to hand his day-pass off to other people in the train station to try and save someone two dollars. It’s what I do. 

Mild embarrassments aside, their city had an incredible infrastructure for travel. Busses were available any time that I needed them, and the rail system for the greater twin-cities area was awesome for travel. 

Minnesota, I hope to return this summer (perhaps with the Great Sambino and J-Mac) in order to catch a Twins game. 

In the meantime, well done, MSP.