College Bowl Mania Series: Georgia Southern vs Eastern Michigan

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Sat 12/15 at 5:30pm on ESPN

Georgia Southern (9-3 with 80 SOS)

Best Win: App State got destroyed by Southern 34-14. I will headline and say they lost their QB and RB early in the game. That being said they still scored at will vs a top defense. 

Worst Loss: ULM took care business at home jumping on the Eagles early and never looked back. This was sort of a let down spot for the Eagles after 3 straight wins and back-to-back road games. 

The Now: What team will we see? With a 9-3 record most would say call that a successful season. But this team should easily be sitting at 10 or 11 wins. They’ve shown out in great spots this year and but have also laid some clunkers. The extra bowl prep should help this team refocus. They have one of the best rushing teams in the country with their triple option attack. 

Eastern Michigan (7-5 with 121 SOS)

Best Win: This is easy to locate. Eastern Michigan Eagles went on the road in early August and won 20-19 at Purdue. This team looked well prepared and did everything right. 

Worst Loss: When a team starts the season with a bang, I guess you have to end with a let down. The Eagles went on the road without a loss to what was then a 1 win team at Kent State. To be fair EM didn’t have much play for and Kent State did. Still… it’s a brutal loss. 

The Now: Chris Creighton has been at the school since 2014 and is very under appreciated. His teams are always well coached and prepared. The problem is this team lacks talent. Defensive End Maxx Crosby is probably the only NFL player on roster. EM sounds motivated after missing out on a bowl last year. 

Best Bet: Georgia Southern has a lot more talent and, if their defensive line comes to play, this could be a blow out. EM’s offensive line has had a lot of struggles this year. EM has a coaching advantage and if they’re well prepared for the triple option, and can hold on to the ball, they may get lucky. Overall, Georgia Southern will break too many plays and pull away. Georgia Southern -1.