The NBA Owns Christmas

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Merry Christmas, everyone! 

I apologize for being away from the pen for a couple of weeks. If you listen to the newest episode of Sensibly Loud Radio, you’ll know why I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately. 


Today I was reflecting on a truly amazing spectacle that I’m not sure a lot of people have taken note of, specifically. It involves the fact that the NBA owns a day of the year. 

People often talk about how amazing it is that the NFL owns a day of the week, Sunday. And, technically, the NFL owns Monday night, as well as Thursday night, but those don’t count nearly as much as owning the entire day of Sunday for 17+ weeks per year. 

When comparing the viewership of the NBA to the NFL, one thing is certain: the NFL still reins supreme in the American sports landscape. The NBA, however, is on the rise. 

As newer generations of children begin to play sports, the exposure to Lebron James and Steph Curry could not be more prominent. The NBA is growing rapidly, and allowing itself to be swept up with today’s youthful generation. 

The NBA, when signing their new television deal several years back, decided to build a strong Christmas Day presence, since most sports shy away from playing on Christmas. The craziest part about it is the fact that other leagues have missed this wide open opportunity for ages. 

The NFL may dominate TV screens across the world on Thanksgiving, but the NBA has Christmas Day locked down. The NBA provides a full slate of big games that start at noon and go throughout the entire day. That is very good exposure for the sport. 

By no means is the NFL going away. Nor will it lose a large chunk of viewership tomorrow. The NFL had better keep an eye on the NBA, however. 

Adam Silver is a visionary, and understands how the league needs to grow. Don’t sleep on the guy.