Top Album of 2018

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What is up, Sensibly Loud Family? It’s Ben Baseball here to bring you my pick for the best record of 2018. 

There were a ton of albums put out this year, some decidedly better than others, but when I look back at 2018 in music, one record kept bringing me back for another spin. I am speaking of POST- by Jeff Rosenstock.

Released on January 1st, 2018 after being recorded in secret the prior year, post (both on Polyvinyl Records and Quote Unquote Records) continues Jeff’s themes of Millennial existentialism and pop/punk hooks. However, this record also focuses on Rosenstock’s life in Donald Trump’s America (POST- likely being a reference to this post-election season). Lyrics will find Jeff and Co. chanting “Was it you?” or “Et Tu, USA!”, while focusing on getting tear-gassed at inauguration protests. This record is a direct follow-up to his October 2016 release “WORRY” and picks up exactly where that record left off. 

However, unlike prior records, this album showcases more depth than what one could expect from someone who once set out to “Bomb the Music Industry!” Stand out tracks include USA, UR Throat, Powerlessness, Melba, and 9/10 (the latter being the strongest track on the album).

For fans of shower beers, pop-punk, leftist ideals, crippling student debt, this album can be streamed for free, courtesy of

PS 79 days until spring training!