I’m A God Damned Delight.

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Happy New Year, Sensibly Loud family!

I hope you enjoyed quality time with your loved ones, I know I sure did. 

However, I also noticed (while making one of my in-laws turn bright red from embarrassment) just what a wonderful person I am to be around. You see, this individual thought it would be pleasant to bring up the government shut down. I firmly responded that “Trump cares more about keeping out hispanics than he does about veterans or sick people.”

Let me be clear, this is not the first time I launch off some hot sports opinions during family gatherings (the great Easter-atheism debacle of 2016 comes to mind). 

However, it is important to know that my normal demeanor will quickly be usurped by my desire to point out bullshit in the world. I am not above making a scene; and while it is never (read: rarely) my goal, it is always an option that is on the table.  

So, as we begin this new year – a fair warning: Ben Baseball (and family) will not put up with garbage. In fact, we will actively avoid it, call it out, or try to fix/remove it. 

Happy New Year!