Texans Fans Should Be Happy About Yesterday’s Wild Card Loss

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On Saturday, during the NFL Wild Card round, the Houston Texans faced the Indianapolis Colts, and lost 21-7. 

The Texans, as JB has pointed out all season, had the easiest schedule in the NFL, by a long shot. The team started out the season 0-3, but quickly prattled off 9 straight wins. Ironically, the loss that ended that win streak was against the Colts.

We can talk all day about the Texans’ easy schedule, the Colts getting back to full strength, and the like. As a matter of fact, we talked about these things on Between the Hashes this week. 

But the one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that Bill O’Brien did not give this team a chance to compete on the field. The play calling in the Wild Card game against the Colts was horrendous. Plain and simple. 

For example: The Texans, down by 3 scores, drove down the field and got to a 4th & 1 situation. Instead of running the ball to get the first down, the Texans decided to draw up a screen pass over the middle, that failed spectacularly and turned the ball over. Why not run it up the gut to get the first down and then try to score?

Bill O’Brien should pay the ultimate price for this. He has bumbled his way through season after season with little to no success, whatsoever. I’ve been saying it for years: Bill O’Brien is a wanna-be Bill Belichick. He game plans like Belichick but his execution is far worse. 

Getting embarrassed on national television is never a good look. But Texans fans should be glad for this, since it should help to get Bill O’Brien out of there. 

Based on the rumblings already coming out of Houston, it sounds like the Texans will be looking for the next Sean McVay, just like a quarter of the teams in the NFL.