The T-Wolves Finally Came to Their Senses: Fired Tom Thibodeau

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With 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the final NFL Wild Card game, a not-shocking tweet came from Woj:

“Minnesota has fired President and Coach Tom Thibodeau, league sources tell ESPN.”

I’d like to be the first to say that its about damn time. This guy is an unbelievably great defensive mind, as well as an astonishingly bad head coach. He was a disaster in Chicago. He was worse with the Timberwolves. 

What I struggle with is the odd timing. Why now? Why not when the wheels fell off with Jimmy Butler? Why not last year? What made things boil over in early January?

Woj may have shed some light on that mystery: 

“Fred Hoiberg is a serious consideration of Minnesota owner Glen Taylor to become either the GM or head coach in the future, league sources tell ESPN. Hoiberg was an assistant GM in Minnesota prior to Iowa Stat. Scott Layden remains GM now.”

Hoiberg had a pretty rough go in Chicago. He lost the team over time and never seemed to be able to help the team form any real chemistry. 

I’m just glad that Thibs is the hell out of there. He really is awful in every way. He has forced Karl Anthony Towns to be a player that resembles nothing close to his potential. 

KAT deserves better. The Timberwolves fans deserve better. They should take their time with this hire and make the right one. I would hate to see them pull the trigger on something too early.