The Coaching Carosel Continues: Cardinals hire Kliff Kingsbury

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The NFL coaching carousel has been in full force. I wrote about the amount of head coaching vacancies last week, and the insanity has stepped up several levels since then. 

Every NFL team is currently searching for its own “Sean McVay”, the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Teams are looking for young, offense minded guys who are less interested in defensive, smash-mouth football, and more interested in airing the ball out every 3rd play. 

The Packers hired former Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator, Matt LaFleur, who hopes to bring a sprite new offensive scheme to an aging Aaron Rodgers. The Packers would like to get one more Super Bowl out of Aaron Rodgers before he hits his glory years. 

The Buccaneers hired Bruce Arians to replace Dirk Koetter, who ironically, was hired as the new OC for the Falcons. Arians loves QBs who are just like Jameis Winston. He has never exactly turned one in to a star, but his work with Andrew Luck is certainly not overlooked. 

One of the more interesting story lines has been the hiring of Kliff Kingsbury. Just two months ago, Texas Tech decided to can Kliff after going 35-40 over 5 seasons. Texas Tech was the dream job for Kliff, who played at Texas Tech in college. 

Kliff quickly landed an offensive coordinator at USC, before his name began swishing around NFL circles. Within a week news spread like wild fire that the Jets wanted to interview Kliff. Then the Cardinals. Then replace Josh McDaniels of the Patriots, should he take a head coaching job. 

(I’m not going to go in to my feelings about Josh McDaniels. That is for an offseason blog.)

Inevitably, Kliff impressed Arizona enough that they decided to pull the trigger on giving him a shot. And, honestly, I’m not so sure that this move is crazy. 

Kliff has experience developing pro style QBs, having worked previously with Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes and Johnny Manziel. Who does Arizona have at the reins going in to next season? Young QB Josh Rosen. 

The Cardinals have some really good pieces for Kliff to work with and if you take the distraction of recruiting out of the equation, you have a guy who can use his offensive brilliance to light teams up, in a very crazy division.