The Bachelor Review Series: Week 4

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**This is the review of week 4 on The Bachelor, told from a football writer’s perspective.  Being that my wife is a huge fan, and we regularly have our home invaded with wine-chugging thrill seekers, I figured why not give the show a review from the male perspective.**


Week 4! 

We are finally traveling, which means all the girls have passports. This has been a problem in the past. 

The opening credits are already previewing Hannah and Caelynn drama. On top of that, Demi looks to be at it again. 

We move to the girls talking about their feelings. It’s always interesting to see which girls decide to wear make up and who take the natural approach. 

Chris calls Hannah B, “Caelynn” which, of course, probably triggered her. Chris asks her how she’s feeling and she proceeds to complain about having to defend herself because of the drama she created. Cry me a river…

Singapore, here we come! How long until someone says “there’s not a better place to fall in love than Singapore!”? It’s coming folks, just wait. 

I’ve never been outside of North America but Singapore looks like a heck of a place with some great food. 

Tayshia gets the 1-1 and Demi is pissed. She has so many things to tell Colton… or show him, am I right?!

Last week Colton did a cameo with his phone. This week he got a professional camera to do his own cameo. Where is the camera crew? These cameos make no sense to me. 

Back to the date: they’re going bungie jumping! Nothing would make me more scared than the thought of going bungie jumping in a far away land.  

Tayshia seems shocked that they’re doing this since, on her application she that put she’s afraid of falling. This is what the show does: they use your application to fill the show with drama. 

They both jump, scream, and survive. The reward was a make out session with shirtless Colton. How long into the episode did it take him to go shirtless? The ol watch tells me…*drum roll* …17 minutes!

Tayisha was married at 28, which isn’t a big deal, at all. For someone like Colton, who has a the maturity of a child, this won’t work. 

Date card number 2 arrives! Group date for all the girls but… Caelynn! She will get the last 1-1 for the week. Hannah B isn’t excited and chugs wine. I respect that response. 

Tayshia gets the rose. They end on the ferris wheel of Singapore. As far as dates go, this one seemed to be at the top. 

Group date! Demi gave him the running jump hug. She didn’t wrap her legs around him so I’m not sure what to make of this. 

They’re all walking through the markets of Singapore. Really weird group date, if you ask me. 

Colton takes the girls to leach therapy… this date continues to get worse. 

Colton chooses Cassie to have her fortune read by a fortune teller. He says that Cassie was his sister in a past life… creepy….

The group dates turns into the women trying exotic foods. Colton makes a toast, why didn’t he make Hannah B toast? That would have been solid TV. 

Night cap for the group date. Hannah B, as they’re sitting down, asks to steal Colton. Total power move, if you ask me. Colton makes up with Hannah, then they make out. 

Colton and Cassie talk and all that I can think is that they look so natural together. He seems relaxed and lets his guard down. I would imagine she sticks around and gets a 1-1 soon. 

Courtney has lost it! I don’t know if it’s the Singapore weather or what. This happens to a couple girls each season. They get into their own head and sabotage themselves. 

Demi gets the group date rose! Courtney looks like she is about to vomit. I can’t describe how bad Courtney looked in this episode. There just aren’t enough words. 

Caelynn and Colton go to the mall to shop. She comes back with at least 10 bags of clothes. 

Night cap for the 1-1. Chris Harrison has been talking this date up for a while now! He has been hinting that Colton opens up about his virginity. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype. 

The conversation between them was very serious. Caelynn has been through some terrible experiences that no one should have to go through.

Outside of the seriousness of the scene: their date shot at the same place for the movie Crazy Rich Asians. I believe that’s where the wedding scene at the end of the movie was. 

Hannah G is too funny. She thinks she needs to open up to Colton to move on. He even admits to her that he likes her, though he doesn’t know her. They proceed to make out on his bed. He kept his shirt on, big clap to him for that. 

Caelynn is over the drama y’all! She grabs Hannah B, with her rose, and asks to talk. Let down moment with them here: they act civil! I was hoping for an all out brawl but they both treat it like a pageant show and move forward. 

Cocktail hour time! Demi and Courtney drama is very annoying. Both have zero chance of winning and should be sent home. They confront each other in front of the whole group. They acted their age in this scene (23) and woof, CHRIS HARRISON APPEARS. 

Rose Ceremony starts with Demi flouting her rose. She has to go home next week, right? As I mentioned earlier Courtney shot herself in the foot earlier and theres no way that she sticks around.  

Next week looks even better! More girls losing their mind overseas and causing drama. 

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