My Attorney Hates Roger Goodell, the NFL and Refs From SoCal

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A few weeks ago, as we were preparing for the first SLM Live broadcast during the AFC Championship, we saw the Saints get robbed in the NFC Championship by a terrible non-call. This was clearly a pass interference call that should have put the Saints inside the 10 yard line, but unfortunately, the refs did not call it. 

I am very mixed on this whole thing. In some ways, yeah, it was a blown call, and that stinks for the Saints. On the other side of that coin, the Saints went up 13-0 early and didn’t capitalize in other spots that they should have to ensure victory. 

All of that has been written about to death so I won’t bore you with rehashing that debate. 

After the game, during the live broadcast, I received a series of texts from my attorney. 

Now, my attorney is a life long Saints fan.  We became friends in college and NFL football was something that we began discussing, almost immediately. We’ve talked our fair share of garbage to each other over the years, sometimes in good fun, other times in sheer disgust, but since we are both fans of teams in separate conferences, it is rarely a shit talking affair. 

(I was, however, very much hoping for a Patriots/Saints Super Bowl. We would have had two weeks of jawing back and forth, topped off with one of us being the victor and endless bragging rights.)

So needless to say, when his team had their guts ripped out by a blown call, my attorney was a little less than rational. 

The texts:

5:06pm: “What is that refs twitter handle?”

5:08pm: “NOW!”

5:15pm: “That ref better pray to whoever he believes in”

*After the game was over*

6:58pm: “I’m going to burn this house to the ground.”

My attorney was so angry about this football game that he wanted to burn HIS house to the ground. His own house. I LOVE the fire. (No pun intended) That is the fire of a true football guy. That is the fire of someone who lives and breathes this game, and, sadly, there just aren’t as many of us out there these days. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: you want someone who gets this upset over a football game to represent you in legal matters? The answer to that question is unequivocally, yes. 

In the days that have followed, my attorney’s animosity towards Goodell, the NFL and the refs has grown to momentous proportions, and I live for this type of irritation. Some could argue that the entire reason that I started this company was due to my inability to accept mediocre opinions from four letter networks.

The passion here is unmatched. I love that he is ready to go to battle in any way that he sees necessary to make sure that his team succeeds. 

That kind of ferocity isn’t just on sale at Target. You’re born with it.