The Mavericks Mortgaged Their Entire Future for Porzingis

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As I landed in Denver yesterday, I browsed Twitter, seeing all kinds of rumors about the Knicks dealing Kristaps Porzingis, their highly anticipated cornerstone piece. 

I didn’t think that much would come of it until next week, but once the Dallas Mavericks got word that a tall, talented Euro guy was available, they just couldn’t help themselves. 

The Mavericks sent DeAndre Jordan, Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, and 2 future first round picks to the New York in exchange for Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Trey Burke. That is quite the blockbuster trade. 

This trade is a win for both teams, but the Mavericks absolutely won this trade. Kristaps is a 7’3 center who is a generational talent. We talk about the whole “generational talent” thing all the time, but this is truly a game changer for Dallas, given their situation with Luka. 

Porzingis is currently recovering from an ACL injury. The Mavs are going to slow play it, and I wouldn’t anticipate him playing this season. If he does, it will be extremely limited. 

Dallas parted ways with Dennis Smith Jr., who I have been a proponent of Dallas keepingfor quite some time. But things really seem to have changed in a months time. Dallas continued to bump around, getting smashed on the road, and destroying opponents at home. But truthfully, they weren’t getting any better. 

DSJ had his nights, but overall, the tone of the franchise seemed to be that they were going to move him, no matter what. It became less of an “if” question, than a “when” question. And while it is a role of the dice in developing DSJ, Dallas passed the hard work of that off to the Knicks in exchange for a proven future super star. 

Dallas also did themselves a favor by shipping out the expiring contracts of Wes Matthews and DeAndre Jordan. It became clear that Jordan will command more money and years in free agency than the Mavs are willing to pay. In that case, it is better to ship him out, get something out of it, and both parties move on. 

Knicks fans are certainly not happy about this trade. Dallas fleeced the Knicks, all things considered. However, the Knicks have all but guaranteed their position of having two max money slots this summer, so if they hope to lure Kyrie and KD, they certainly have the space. They also have DSJ, who could develop in to a  super star. Only time will tell.