Colorado Truck Driver Has Amazing Sense of Humor

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As many of you know, the Great Sambino and I took an official SLM trip to Colorado. I won’t give away why, but what I can tell you is that you will see in the coming months. 

As I landed in Denver, I was on high alert, since there are many conspiracy theories out there about the Denver Airport. Luckily, we made it out unscathed. 

We exited the airport in our rental car and as we drove down the highway, I pulled in to the middle lane. I glanced to my right and noticed something out of the ordinary:

I seriously thought that I was seeing things. I quickly called for Karl, the SL Radio legend, to pull out the camera. Lets zoom in for a better look, shall we?

Now, I love that this guy doesn’t take himself too seriously. I love that he chained down the small tractor, just to make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere. It is absolutely necessary for all of the right reasons. 

There has never been more of a divisive time in the US, but these are the types of things that make me proud to be an American. 

Occasionally,  we all just need to take a step back, and borrow a page from this guy’s book.