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“How I learned to stop worrying and love the streets”

I’ve been back to slinging product for the last 3 weeks. There is so much demand out there. Every day it seems someone needs some more. 

These Girl Scout Cookies are driving me crazy.

Of the 250 boxes my first grader has sold, I have only purchased 1. It is ridiculous how people consume these things! People will purchase them by the case. And there is no discount if you do that, people just want that many dang cookies.
This purely comes down to supply and demand. 

Every day I get texts from friends and family members asking for another fix. My in-laws take the order form to work, and my wife has to run and get more cookies twice a week. I had no idea it would be like this.

All the while, our daughter is sitting back, watching us like Walter White as we push further and further down this road. She is the kingpin, and we are her pawns. 

On Superbowl Sunday her and her friends made special signs, catering to Rams and Patriots fans alike about how “Whether you are from New England or California, everyone loves cookies!” and it was brilliant. Two separate parents had to go back and bring extra cookies to the booth (myself included in this madness).

My wife and in-laws deserve badges/patches of their own for their ability to move volume like this. And as I go forward for another weekend of running errands around town, I pin a badge to my shirt that says, “Ask me about Girl Scout Cookies!” and sure enough, I will be stopped outside of Home Depot. Then, as I lead another person to these color coordinated packages that now live in my car, I think about just how crazy people go about these cookies.