The Bachelor Review: Week 7

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 **This is the review of week 7 on The Bachelor, told from a football writer’s perspective.  Being that my wife is a huge fan, and we regularly have our home invaded with wine-chugging thrill seekers, I figured why not give the show a review from the male perspective.**


Welcome back! It’s been 6 days and 22 hours since the last time that we saw Colton shirtless. 

We open to a Colton cameo (they clearly won’t let these die)

Colton is scared that there are women who are not ready to get married. He seems so shocked by this, but all of these women are younger than 25 so what the heck did he expect? 

Boom! Ben Higgins appearance! ABC will do anything to work him back in to the fold. 

In the moment, so far, every girl has said that they need to give Colton “clarity.” I already want mute these convos. 

Tayshia gets the one-on-one. If you have paid attention this week it came out that she had a boyfriend up until the day she left for filming. This seems to happen every year and it’s always disappointing. I couldn’t be any less interested in her story line. 

The Tayshia date consists of seeing Colton’s favorite things around Denver. The date ends up at a bar where Tayshia says Caelynn and Cassie are not ready get engaged and already talking about being next Bachelorette. That is quite the accusation. 

The date continues back to Colton’s suite, where he says, privately, that he’s falling in love with her…this could get messy, quickly…

She gets the rose and is heading to hometown dates. She warns Colton about her dad, so I have high expectations for him next week. 

Caelynn and Colton go snowboarding but basically skip to Colton confronting her about the Tayshia comments. Caelynn seemed to get frustrated that this came up and seemed a little guilty. With everything that has come out about both of these girls, I don’t know who to believe. 

The 23 year old Caelynn is extremely ready to get engaged to a guy that she’s barely known. 

Colton seems super burned out.

Caelynn tells him she’s falling in love with him. Suddenly, Colton forgets about everything and jumps for joy!

Colton says he’s falling in love with Caelynn, too. 

When was the last time anyone told a contestant this before overnights? This is completely the wrong move by him and will backfire just like when Ben told Lauren and JoJo the same thing. 

Colton takes Hannah B to meet his family. Kind of a weird date, to be honest. Colton tells his dad he isn’t in love with her. It was a strange move to bring her to hometown dates if he doesn’t see himself with her. 

Hannah B is super confident about her relationship with Colton but he doesn’t feel same. She’s about to get blindsided. I can feel it. 

Colton sends her home!

Wow… her face when he sent her packing was brutal. She never saw it coming and it was intense. Stay tuned though, her journey isn’t 100% over. 

Group date time: 2 of the women will go home, 2 of them will be going to home towns. This date should have plenty of drama with Kirpa saying she doesn’t believe Cassie is ready. 

Heather wasn’t feeling like getting engaged at end of this. Shocker! The girl who never kissed anyone before this isn’t ready to get married? Can’t wait for her BIP appearance this summer when it’s all about kissing another guy. 

Down to Cassie, Kirpa, and Hannah G. Anyone who thinks Kirpa has a chance here is kidding themselves…

Kirpa brought a notebook with her to this group date! Does she have a journal full of love letters for Colton? Nope, it’s a notebook full of gossip about other women. 

Kirpa and Cassie argue back and forth about everything. Both of them sound crazy and neither present a single point that makes sense. Honestly, just end the season and let Colton be the bachelor on BIP. 

Night cap: Hannah gets a rose, right out of the gate. Now we wait for the Kirpa-Cassie showdown. A lot of awkward silences and then boom Caelynn swoops in and talks to Colton. She wants to make sure he knows the truth. She wants him to know that Cassie is here for the right reasons. 

This leads to Cassie staying and getting the final rose for hometowns. 

Next week is my favorite week! We get to see the man child Colton squirm when real adults ask him tough questions about marriage and their daughters. 

The women tell-all tapes this Friday! Be sure to check Instagram to see who’s hanging with who.

Until next week, keep up the drama!