Gronovo’s Corner: Duke/Syracuse, February Blues

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On Saturday I was watching the Duke vs Syracuse game, and even though I had heard this earlier in the week, it only sunk in as the game progressed. One team is playing without the number 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft, and spun rudderlessly out of control in their previous game on a big time stage. The other team had their coach run down someone with his car this past week. 

I don’t say that to be insensitive. It was a terrible thing to happen for everyone involved.

But Boeheim coached against Duke 3 days after this horrendous turn of events. That takes a hell of a strong soul. 

I mean this is a guy who has literally pissed himself at the end of a basketball game and its barely been a story. And you know what? Thats baller. Straight baller. 

(Who should really be to blame is the people down at Pfizer or whatever the hell drug company who haven’t invented some sort of old basketball coach catheter to keep legends from embarrassing themselves on the court. Sometimes, when you’re in the moment, you’ve just gotta go. And theres not always time when you’re busy coaching a god damn dynasty. So come, Pfizer! DO THE RIGHT THING!!)

February is a terrible month for sports, overall. Once NFL is over with, the sports landscape spirals in to the abyss like a hobo polishing off a sack full of Ripple. 

Baseball is starting. The tournament is almost here. We just have to get through the last week of miserable February. 

New York is an annoying, yet delightful place to live. Once everything thaws, I will dip my quill in to the ink on a more regular basis. 

Stay tuned, fam.