The Bachelor Review: Week 8

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**This is the review of week 8 on The Bachelor, told from a football writer’s perspective.  Being that my wife is a huge fan, and we regularly have our home invaded with wine-chugging thrill seekers, I figured why not give the show a review from the male perspective.**


 Welcome folks! My favorite week is finally here. Hometown dates where Colton has to squirm and be nervous when meeting the families. 

Open to… wait for it… you’ll be shocked… Colton shirtless in the shower….

Has any season shown the Bachelor shirtless so often? For sure didn’t on Ben Higgins. 

Caelynn has a horse and carriage take them around town. She shows Colton her old doctors office? Weird spot to point out but it took them to ice cream so that’s cool. 

As we saw last week, people have reported Caelynn talking about being the next Bachelorette and being fake. It’s starting to show on this hometown and maybe more obvious in other episodes. At the WTA Caelynn is called out on a lot and it seems her intentions weren’t true. 

Back to the show… Caelynn’s mom says she knows nothing about Colton. Seems weird to not Google the former “professional” football player that your daughter is going to date on TV. If my child is going on a dating show and bringing a guy home I may try to do a little background research. 

I have mad respect for this family since they have a deep fryer in the backyard. That has to be dangerous calorie-wise and safety-wise but we will let them worry about that. 

Caelynn’s step farther is wondering why her and Colton can’t just be friends… seems like a nice guy but that’s probably the worst thing to say in the situation. 

Both Hannahs hometowns! G takes him to an etiquette class. First, what a dang insult! Also what a horrible way to spend your limited time together… zero chance she wins. 

Hannah’s family is interesting. They’re confused on why Hannah isn’t concerned about fantasy suites and Colton being a virgin… why is that a concern?

Colton asking these dads for permission to marry their daughters is awkward. He’s asking like a child, and every dad should say no. I would tell him to call me if my daughters the one. Don’t have this conversation when you’re dating 3 other women!

Colton telling 4 women he’s falling in love with them is a bad idea. I promise you at the WTA and AFR he will be killed for this! This makes me question his feelings for any of the women. 

Tayisha hometown time! Wonder if her ex from 6 weeks ago was there since… ya know… they broke up right before the show? Colton is wearing one of his two shirts he’s worn all season. 

She decides to take them skydiving. Another skeptical date considering he has no desire to do this. Chalk me up to someone who thinks skydiving is crazy but maybe some folks think this date was a good idea. 

Colton:”Today was a major leap in our relationship.” This was post skydiving. His dad jokes are on point and I respect it. 

Tayisha’s family seems normal family, but they have their guard up, which does make since considering she’s divorced. Hope she finds true love and stops dumping guys the day before she goes on reality TV. 

Cassie takes him to the beach to surf and make out. Perfect date idea, Colton is a child so he will love this. 

I’ve never seen a more skeptical hometown than Cassie’s family. Maybe it’s because they’ve recently gone through this with her ex on another reality show? Who knows, totally spit balling here, folks. 

Common theme from her family is putting doubt in Cassie mind. I’m not sure if they dislike Colton or just want her to stop being on reality shows but it’s clear they don’t support this. 

I LOVE Matt Randolph, what an amazing dad. He sees through all the BS of this show and calls it like he sees it, DENYING our little Colton permission to marry her as he should. You’ve had 2 dates alone with his daughter. He handled this whole evening as he should. He is the only person who’s given Colton advice, explaining that this is a life long commitment. 

After this, Colton is acting like a child who didn’t get a cookie in his ITM. In the same way that Cassie left her ex on her other reality show, she left Colton confused on her feelings. Seems to be a trend…

Caelynn goes home. As she should, multiple women heard her saying she wants be next Bachelorette… how all these famous guys have messaged her… all the trips she will take. She may have developed feelings but this was all for her to become famous. 

The WTA is around the corner… oh man, does it get heated with Caelynn and other contestants. 

We get a double dose next week and we at SLM couldn’t be more excited. Tune into the Just Peachy podcast for a deeper dive!