Bryce Harper Signs Mega Deal, Despite Flirting With The West Coast

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Finally! Bryce has chosen a home. First, we had the Manny domino fall recently and now the rest is happening. 

Bryce is getting $330M from the Phillies over 13 years and joins an already crowded outfield. He will assume right field and push Nick Williams to the bench or trade block. 

The Bryce saga has been going on for the last 2 years, it seems. Reports have said Bryce was offered similar money by the Nationals last year and turned it down. 

Scott Boras, his agent, seemed to play this perfectly, though it had flashes of not feeling that way. 

Between signings of Bryce, Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson, and trade for J.T. Realmuto, it is hard to not make the Phillies favorites in the NL. 

This move does have a ripple effect that goes far past this season. First, 13 years of paying Bryce top money will handcuff this team to a degree in free agency over next few years. Specifically, this more than likely eliminates them from the Mike Trout sweepstakes in a few years. Famously Mike is from Philly and their fans have hoped for a reunion that I can’t imagine will happen, after this. 

Bryce is the clear winner with this deal but so is the MLB. We’ve seen a few stars head west, including Machado last week. Having Harper leave the east coast would send similar effects that Lebron heading west has done to ratings. 

Phillies fans should be excited. This line up is deadly. They have an ace and fire power in the minors to make any moves necessary and a young exciting team that includes one of the best players in baseball.