The Eagles Should Be Ashamed of Themselves for Treating Nick Foles Like Common Trash

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I was skimming the Post this morning when I noticed an article involving the Philadelphia Eagles releasing Nick Foles. 

The Eagles decided that Carson Wentz will continue to be the QB of the future, despite never having won a playoff game, or obtaining any kind of signature win. 

There are so many fundamental issues with the Eagles releasing Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles but lets look at the team’s statement: 

Aside from the absurdity of releasing the only QB to win the Eagles their ONLY Super Bowl, this statement is insanely disrespectful. 

They referred to him as a Top 15 QB in the NFL…TOP 15?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He may not be top 3 but he is certainly top 10. Lets review the list, shall we?

-Tom Brady: I mean…come on…

-Aaron Rodgers: One of the most clutch guys I’ve ever seen. If you have a lead going in to the 4th quarter, you’d better hold on to your underwear

-Patrick Mahomes: Future NFL super star. Already is a super star, really. Enough said. 

-Drew Brees: While Brees has struggled in his twilight years, at times, he is still incredibly effective. 

-Andrew Luck: Indy has something boiling. And Luck is going to lead them to the promise land. 

-Ben Roethlisberger: On his way out. Still looks fine.

And then theres the rest….

Even if Foles is at the bottom of this list, that puts him around number 7.

I would like to remind everyone that he won the Eagles their ONLY Super Bowl. I realize that this is repetitive, but it cannot be overstated enough. This team has been hell bent on handing the starting job back to Carson Wentz, which is a hell of a gamble, when you’ve got a proven winner under center. 

Philly fans will be the first to say that Foles isn’t as good as he may seem, and then will go on to cite his time with the Rams. With Jeff Fisher being his head coach….known QB killer. 

The other part of that argument that doesn’t seem to hold water is that he only works in a Philly/Andy Reid type system. Isn’t…that a good thing for Philly?

The Eagles have disrespected Nick Foles. He deserves better. 

Unfortunately, his next step will most likely be Jacksonville. I would love to see him sign with an NFC East team, though, and just shovel shit to the Eagles constantly. The Giants have already committed to Eli (eye roll) for another year but could you imagine Foles with weapons like Saquon and OBJ?

The one thing, for sure, is that the Broncos must really be kicking themselves for bringing in Flacco, instead of Nick Foles. But, to be fair, Elway is so terrible at making QB decisions that he probably would have waited until the Jags release Bortles and brought him in, instead.