Gritty: Beloved Mascot, or Muppet from Hell?

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There are far more delightful things to young sports fans eyes than connecting and interacting with the lovable team mascot. It harkens back to the euphoria of meeting Mickey Mouse, or your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I even remember my twin brother posing in the mouth of the Texas Rangers mascot at his bachelor party. Good times. 

That all changed on September 24, 2018. The Philadelphia Flyers; one of the few teams in organized sports that lacked a colorful character for their squad, debuted a 7-foot tall, orange furred and wild eyed, psilocybin-induced mascot named “Gritty”. Gritty is decked out in Flyers gear, and has a center of mass lower than your obese uncle’s. 

His antics are absurd. Within the first week of his existence, he posed in a Kardashian-esque pose, shooting champagne from a Gatorade bottle over his head into the glass positioned on his  breezers. He even shocked the sports world at an NHL Stadium Series game by streaking around the eyes, naked as the day God/Satan created him. 

His introduction was first received as a trolling prank from the organization. This instinct died down quickly though, when we was well received by the internet community, and became an overnight meme sensation. 

What do you think of Gritty, or mascots in general? Is he an adorable creature you want your children to meet, or do you fear he will murder your wife after he steals her bath salts and smokes them?

This has been: The State of Hockey. 

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