Gronovo’s Corner: The Lakers/Dog Walkin’

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As I strolled through the park this morning, walking Nicademus, I was reminded of his pup ways. While he is only 6 years old, he doesn’t have the exact step that he once did. He is the definition of a good boy. 

Speaking of, how about the Lakers? Being a lifelong Knicks fan, it is tough for me to wish Ill will on anyone, but this one is truly funny. 

My favorite thing about the Lakers is how hard they try to buy greatness. Kobe is straight up irreplaceable, but the team has done what it can to fill the gaps. And if you have to settle for Lebron James….well…I guess worse things could happen. 

I love that Magic Johnson and the Lakers thought they were getting the hard working, championship winning Lebron, but instead they’ve gotten pumpkin Lebron. Their “Kobe replacement” to lead the Lakers back to relevance has more interest in filming Space Jam 2 than playing basketball with a bunch of “lesser players”. 

You’ve gotta feel bad for Luke Walton. Another innocent bystander who will ultimately be bowled over by Lebron, once the season ends. But, then again, there are worse places to be fired from. 

It reminds me of the time that I got fired from Checkers. I was closing one night and left the freezer door ajar by mistake. Hundreds of pounds of thawed meat and French fries everywhere. It worked out, though, because I landed my first blogging job after that. (Got shit canned from that too, but that is a story for another day)

I had a chance to meet J-Mac this weekend. What a character that guy was. I may be working for a raving psycho. I may be working for a genius. I will say, that even though he loves Boston sports, he is leading a hell of a charge. 

We’re going places. 


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