Andrew Bogut Blocked Me On Twitter And Still Carries A Grudge

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A few years ago, in July 2016, the Mavericks traded for Andrew Bogut and a second round pick, when the Golden State Warriors cleared cap room in order to sign Kevin Durant.

The Mavericks were a somewhat lucky benefactor of KD signing with the Warriors, due to the fact that Golden State also shipped Harrison Barnes out of town, via a sign and trade with Dallas.

Bogut joined the team and started the season with the Mavericks. He played a handful of games but generally spent a lot of time riding the pine. As a matter of fact, he played in exactly 26 games. He was a non-factor, to say the least.

Dallas eventually traded Bogut at the trade deadline, along with Justin Anderson and a pick, in exchange for Nerlens Noel.

He was bought out by Philly and signed with Lebron and the Cavs almost immediately. In his first game, during his first two minutes on the court, he suffered a season ending leg snap that sent him back to Australia (his home country) for a season to recover.

During Bogut’s time in Dallas, he was overall very pleasant. He was a team player, open to helping out the less experienced guys, but clearly knew that he would only be on the team for a short time.

The issue came whenever Dallas sent him to Philly. As soon as Bogut was traded, he began complaining about not being a starter in Carlisle’s system and how he wouldn’t have agreed to be traded to Dallas in the first place, had he known that he wouldn’t be starting. This came on the heels of months of saying that he doesn’t need to start and that he knows that he can provide value and depth off the bench.

This really rubbed me the wrong way so I fired off a relatively strongly worded tweet, calling him a hypocrite and what not.

Apparently, Mr Australian basketball himself did not care for this tweet and blocked me almost immediately. I found this incredibly humorous, as this was the first time that I had gotten in to an athlete’s head and occupied space. But, further than that, I found it ridiculous that he felt the need to block me for calling him out on things that he said, and then reneged on. I wasn’t even trying that hard to be an asshole about it!

When he resurfaced over the past few weeks, with rumors that he would be signing with Golden State, I checked to see it I’m still blocked by him, and guess what! Well, take a look for yourself:

The top is a search for his username on my Twitter account and the bottom is a google search of his username.

Those who read/listen to me know that I don’t go out looking to troll people. They end up surfacing and I deal with it then, but this whole scenario is so silly. This guy went out of his way to block me, just because I used a little bit of logic against him. I was shocked that he’s so thin-skinned but apparently that is the case here.

It still makes me laugh, several years later.

**Note: the original tweet that I sent him is gone since he blocked me**

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