This Spider-Man Tissue Box Is Absurd

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Have you ever been in dire need of a tissue? Is there anything that would deter you from pulling out a tissue, regardless of how necessary?

To be honest, I haven’t either. If I need a tissue, I need a tissue. There isn’t much that could change my mind to the point where I seek out another box of tissues. But I must admit: this particular box did give me pause.

What exactly is going on here? Kleenex, who seemingly has a strangle-hold over the entire tissue market, is really going out on a limb here to promote a new Spider-Man movie, I’m assuming. But good lord…this design certainly begs the question: who signed off on this?!

Did Big Kleenex just not catch this design blunder? Did they catch it and just not care? Did they think it was funny? I, personally, hope that they didn’t give a damn, laughed and put it out anyway.

Is this good marketing for Spider-Man? Kleenex probably sold a billion boxes of these so I’m sure that they don’t care one bit. Nothing says “Spider-Man” like pulling tissues out of his ass and, in turn, wiping your face with it.

It’s a solid marketing play, though. I’m behind it. I support it.