Conspiracy Theory Saturdays: Is Stevie Wonder Really Blind?

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Last year between football ending and baseball starting, I had a good amount of free time on my hands. I was browsing on Reddit when I ran across an incredible thread about the Denver airport being a cover for a government run protection bunker of sorts.

I began cataloging different conspiracy theories that I heard about during the course of the year, knowing that I wanted to blog about some of the most absurd theories. Once I started talking to people about this idea, conspiracy theories started coming out of the woodwork. I couldn’t note them down fast enough.

I want to be incredibly clear. I am only blogging about the conspiracy theory for the sake of laughs. I do not believe in most of these theories. They are just that: theories.

Week 1: Is Stevie Wonder Really Blind?

Image result for stevie wonder

The theory: Stevie Wonder is able to see, despite posing as a blind man for his entire career. People have cited examples of times when Stevie Wonder has been “caught seeing”.

What the Truthers Say: Stevie Wonder was born prematurely and his eyes never developed. This eventually caused his corneas to detach, leaving him blind. The Truthers will have you believe that, with his understanding and concept of colors that are used in his music, he can’t possibly be blind. Or, he may be blind now but he definitely knows how colors enrich things.

The Commentary: This was one of the early submissions when the topic of conspiracy theories came up and I love it. I had never once thought of questioning whether the man is blind or not. I don’t typically walk around deciding whether someone is faking a debilitating handicap, but the fact that people actually do, does not begin to surprise me, in the least bit.

I mean, how do we even test for it? Oh..oh…I’ve got it…

Its not like this guy is just Joe Shmoe, walking down the street. This is Stevie Wonder. International icon. Brilliant musician and humanitarian.

For the record, I do believe that Stevie Wonder IS blind. But, I’ll be on the lookout for any signs that may present themselves.

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