Holy Crap! Jose Canseco Is Out Here Trying to Blow Up J.Lo and A-Rod

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My own 1987 Jose Canseco baseball card

Over the past couple of years, A-Rod has been on a PR clean up tour. A once hated (or beloved, depending on whether you are a Yankee fan, or not) jerk ass in the MLB, has now turned TV analyst, good-boy, Michael-Strahan-like, wonder hero.

I have previously been an A-Rod hater. He was very close to being a member of the Red Sox, as a matter of fact. He has won me over with great analysis and dedication to the game of baseball that he genuinely loves, which is very evident.

He has been dating J.Lo for quite some time. And on Saturday night, he proposed to her, and then let it be known in the Twittersphere:

Aww…true love and all of that…

Until I’m sitting here on Sunday night watching the Golden State Phoenix game and scrolling Twitter when I run across tweets from no other than Jose Canseco, himself. And let me tell you…he dropped some TRUTH:

There are several things to note here that are laugh out loud funny:

First of all, Jose waited a full day after the original proposal announcement to let the shit fly. It leads me to believe that he wanted to make sure that it hit at a time that was advantageous for everyone to see.

Secondly, I can’t even come close to fathoming A-Rod and Jose Canseco hanging out together. It seems like the testosterone levels would be through the roof here, given all of the steroids that they both have done. Can you image A-Rod trying to put a damper on things with Canseco’s wife?

Thirdly, I love that Canseco challenged him to an MMA fight. How roided out do you get? I have to say, though…I would pay money to see it.

I love that Canseco seems so bitter at his ex-wife that he has linked A-Rod to this. It almost has to be true right? I mean how could it not be? To link these two, completely “random” people feels so far fetched that it begins to bubble with a portion of truth…

Oh, and my favorite part?

After blasting A-Rod to the god damn moon, he turned around and shouted out little Joey Amoeba for wearing his number.

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