The Steelers Get A Big Bag of Peanuts for Antonio Brown

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The Antonio Brown Saga has finally ended, as the Oakland Raider have acquired the super star for a 3rd and 5th round pick.

Quick reaction is “wow, what a steal”. With the trade Brown gets a new deal, same years (3), but with more money 50.125 million. He will now be making a touch under 17M, per season.

I’m very confused on why the Jets and Browns were not involved here, unless Brown refused to play for them. Getting Brown at a reasonable salary for a low trade cost makes a lot sense for Oakland, who needs to show improvement before moving to Vegas next year.

Will this be Gruden’s new Keyshawn Johnson? I think he could be and the Raiders still have 3 first rounders.

There was a lot made by Antonio Brown’s agent about him demanding top WR money and that clearly was just to drive talk.

Who’s the loser here? The Steelers, and big time. They take a massive hit in dead cap money ($21M, to be exact) for only 2 mid round draft picks.

The Steelers also give up one of the game’s best WR without a clear replacement to play on the outside. The Steelers have now had 2 superstars refuse to play for them and, at some point, Mike Tomlin has to be to blamed.

The Raiders were the laughing stock of the league last year but now I’m extremely excited to watch this team next year. They have 4 picks in the top 40 and an established QB and Elite WR.

Tip of the hat to Gruden. Maybe he does know what he’s doing.