A Note to the Man in the Padres Hat

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Yesterday evening I walked into a casual dining restaurant best known for a jingle about ribs and it’s pepper logos. The reason for my choosing of this establishment was two-fold.

The first being I had spent the better part of a day at an amusement park and was soaking wet and needing food.

The second (and more pressing) of reasons was due in large part to the fact that my children love this restaurant.

Upon being seated and ordering my Arnold Palmer, veggie burger, and cheese fries, I made my way towards the men’s room to answer natures’ call. I was met outside the door by a 6’5” individual wearing a ball cap embroidered with the lettering “S” and “D”.

I made small talk with this individual, after all, it is not uncommon to see out of town sports logos in this modern age. It does however take a large amount of pride in one’s fair burg to rep a loosing ball club to a restaurant built in the shadow of a ballpark built for another club. Upon speaking with this individual, I learned that he is from San Diego and proudly rocks his Padres gear frequently.

While traveling, it can be desirable to rock gear for a team in the locale you are venturing through. But I tip my cap to that man in Arlington, Texas. And if I ever find myself in Southern California, I will still be proudly wearing my Rangers gear.

-Ben Baseball

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