Move Over Stephen A., Charlie Casserly Makes The Idiot Point Of The Day; Thinks Dez Played for the Cowboys Last Year

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Monday has been a big day for NFL free agency. There have been deals made all over the place, mostly deals that die hard football fans care about. There aren’t many Antonio Brown type deals happening.

When there is a big day in any sport, the talking heads at the four letter networks are always out to spout off an opinion that may or may not be completely on base. We usually look to Screamin A Smith for ridiculous opinions, and I’m sure that he will put more than one out there today.

But Charlie Casserly definitely takes the cake for the most amazingly stupid thing said today:

For those keeping track at home, Dez did not play for the Cowboys last year. He was released before the season started, bitched on Twitter A LOT, signed a deal with the Saints and proceeded to snap his leg during practice.

This is a tough look for Casserly. The only thing that he can do, at this point, is laugh at his own stupidity.

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