Bachelor Review: Week 9

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Welcome back to the final episode before AFR. We find out what happens with these 3 girls! 

We left off last week with Cassie dumping Colton and leaving the show. That leaves him with two women, neither of which know where he stands. 

Why are we starting the show with such a long recap? No one is watching this episode without knowing what’s happened. I wouldn’t hope, anyway…

Alright, we’re 15 minutes in and still searching for Colton. Seems like a waste of air time since we know the end result. 

Also all the dog barking in the background is brutal and my dog is now barking… thanks ABC. 

Now, we are just showing Colton walking. This is terrible TV… they must be short on content. 

I don’t know how to recap what’s going on. There nothing… Colton loves Cassie and she left him. 

Colton goes to dump Tayisha and they go into her room to be away from cameras. Before this he’s holding her hand and thigh. It seems like a weird thing to do when you dump someone but maybe I’m weird. 

Now, Colton is crying… dude you dumped her, grow up… 

So a lot time passes and nothing really happens… 

Tayisha comes out live on stage and takes all the sympathy she’s getting. This is also the women that dumped her boyfriend the day she left for the show? So I’m confused on why she’s so hurt. 

Moving on… hopefully they show Hannah G. It’s been an episode and a half since we’ve seen her. 

Colton shows up to Hannah G’s place the night before their 1-1. This time there is less hand holding, which is smart, but still thigh grabbing, which is not smart. 

They break up and Colton cries, a lot. Has he cried more than he talked this episode? 

Hannah G is clearly still upset. Anyone watching the live can see that. 

She will live it up this summer on BIP. She will be courted by all the men and certainly asking for her hand. 

You could feel Hannah G truly fell for Colton and he broke her heart. 

We come back and have a panel of former contestants trying to act like they don’t know the ending. 

This episode was so bad, it hurts. The only part you should have watched was Hannah G talking. The rest was completely worthless. 

Colton goes back to Cassie’s hotel to ask her back. They say to come back tomorrow to find out… let’s hope tomorrow night is better.

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