James Dolan Bans A Fan from MSG For Life, Further Proves That He Is Clueless

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James Dolan, noted megalomaniac and blues band enthusiast, is up to his old tricks again. And this was one of those stories that I REALLY tried to ignore.

For those unfamiliar, James Dolan is the Executive Chairman and CEO of The Madison Square Garden Company, as well as Executive Chairman of the MSG Networks. He is more commonly known as the owner of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and Madison Square Garden. MSG is literally in the center of New York City. It is some of the most valuable real estate on the eastern seaboard and skyrockets the value of both teams.

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Dolan essentially inherited all of this from his father, and therefore, has consistently made some of the most head scratching decisions that I’ve ever seen out of a sports franchise. My particular favorite was his decision to hire sleepy Phil Jackson to take over basketball operations for the Knicks. Phil was in the front office for three full seasons and the team amassed an 80-166 record. Not exactly the type of success that you’d expect from the so called Zen Master. Then again, if you have Michael Jordan and Shaq to coach, it certainly makes your life easier. But I digress, because this isn’t about Phil Jackson.

The Knicks are bad. They’ve been bad. They will to continue to be bad. Thats all that you really need to know.

So on Saturday night, a fan decided to voice his displeasure to Dolan, given that the team has 13 wins this season, with only a couple of weeks to go. The fan specifically yelled from the stands for Dolan to sell the team. He responded by confronting the fan, and then having his goons through the guy out. We later learned that the fan was banned from MSG.

Now, the game was over, so this all rings a little hollow, aside from the fact that this guy can’t attend a home basketball game for a team that he cares about for the rest of his life. Hence my original urge to completely ignore this story. But I was scrolling through Twitter this afternoon when I ran across a video posted by the YES Network. James Dolan was on a New York radio show discussing the event. Here is the exchange:

Ok. Ok. A couple of things here:

James Dolan talking about how this whole thing was premeditated is ridiculous on so many levels. He immediately starts in about how anybody who yells at a basketball game is a trouble maker. I highly doubt that he has sat anywhere besides a luxury box in his whole life but thats not how it works in the crowds. We pay the owner’s exorbitant high prices for tickets and concessions to attend a live basketball game, and in exchange, people yell insane, inane bullshit. Thats just how this goes. Just ignore it and move on.

The host makes a very lucid point about how he is Jim Dolan. Successful businessman, owner of teams, and a real estate magnate. Why even engage this guy? It just feels very childish, which, I suppose makes sense.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole 5 minute clip is how Dolan continually states that the team is doing well. I said this earlier, but I will say it again to REALLY emphasis the point: The Knicks ARE TERRIBLE! They currently own a 13-54 record with 15 games left to go this season.

The reason that the Knicks are so bad is because of James Dolan. If you want a look in to why that franchise can’t make a decent decision, you need look no further than this exact incident.

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