NFL Free Agency Is Under Way

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Welcome to NFL free agency! Well, kind of. Players can’t officially sign until Wednesday so these are all handshake deals in place.

Monday was a big day, though, so I have broken down all of the deals that are coming soon:

Danny Amendola (Lions): We woke up to him committing to the Lions. Weird first domino to fall but it certainly started the day for us.

Malik Jackson (Eagles): $30 million for 3 years for the DT. Eagles moved Michael Bennett earlier and needed to bring in firepower. With Derek Barnett coming back their D Line will once again be very scary.

Trent Brown (Raiders): Gruden is trying get this offense humming. Bringing in the former Patriot for $66 million over 4 years is certainly a big leap of faith. I would never sign a former Patriot; they never perform as well away from Papa Bill.

Kwon Alexander (49ers): $54 million over 4 years for a LB coming off an ACL injury. I must say I don’t understand this move and I believe they will regret it.

Landon Collins (Redskins): This man got paid to a tune of $84 million over 6 years. Between him, Alex Smith, Case Keemun, and Jordan Reed about 30% of their cap money is committed. Redskins need so much more and signing Collins wasn’t the route they should go.

Trey Flowers (Lions): Trey will be getting around $16-17M a year from Detroit. Bill must be laughing his tail off watching his former coach over pay for players he made. Hopefully this is a happy marriage, but when can we say that about Detroit?

Nick Foles (Jaguars): $88 million over 4 years for the most under appreciated QB of all time. It worries me what the Cowboys will have to pay Dak after seeing this… Nick goes to a team without an offensiveline/elite passing options. I hope this works out but they need to make this offense more friendly for him.

Tyrann Mathieu (Chiefs): He wants a ring and made that clear. He will certainly get a chance if Tom Brady ever retires. If I was a free agent, heading to KC would be my first thought as well.

CJ Mosley (Jets): $85 million over 5 years. Well, Kwon Alexander WAS the highest paid LB for a moment. Big get for the Jets in their rebuild. How do you help a young QB with no offensive weapons? Give him an elite defense.

Sheldon Richardson (Browns): $36 million over 3 years. The Browns now have him paired with one of the best DL in football. I love Kitchens and his ability to run the offensive side. Considering the defense is loaded with talent, this team may shock us all in 2019.

Who are we waiting on?

Leveon Bell- Based on Twitter it seems he has a few offers. If I’m him I don’t rush this. You didn’t have a paycheck last year, soak this up and take the free dinners.

Teddy Bridgewater: Who takes a stab? I wouldn’t be shocked by the Saints trying to bring him back as the next man up after Brees. He’s only 26 and has playoff experience. Someone needs to give him a shot.

Earl Thomas: Is his market colder than we thought? Weird to see him not signed with other big names coming through. Cowboys make a lot sense but his price tag may be too high.

Tyrell Williams: Best WR on the market and has to love his position. A lot interest in him and if he plays this right he will be paid.

Hopefully you’re excited about your teams signings. We will have a full free agency breakdown as things wrap up.

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