The Browns Trade for OBJ, Breaks the Internet

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Boom! Go ahead Cleveland and break the internet during The Bachelor Finale…

Cleveland gave up a 1st and 3rd and Peppers for OBJ. What a damn steal! OBJ is an elite WR that’s on another level. They have 2 headed monster backfield and a great young QB.

Browns open 30-1 odds to win the super bowl and now as low as 14-1.

I love Freddie Kitchens and I have zero doubt that he will have a top 5 offense next season.

The division is wide open as well. Steelers are losing stars left and right and Baltimore can’t throw a football. Cincy… they’re the usual dumpster fire.

While I want to say buy into this hype of Cleveland 2019 I would ask you to pump the breaks.

When was the last time we had a rookie head coach go to the super bowl? This team is extremely young with a lot of guys who need to gel. They also have Tom Brady who runs the AFC to deal with.

As we mentioned above, this is an absolute steal and the Giants will regret this.