The Bell-Tale Heart: Le’Veon Signs With The Jets

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Another NFL free agency bomb was dropped on us as we all woke up trying to recover from the OBJ trade.

Le’Veon Bell, who preached how underpaid he was last year, decided to forgo $14.5M in hopes of landing a multi-year contract with a high amount of guaranteed money.

Bell finally got paid, but was it worth it? The 27 year-old signed a 4 year deal worth $52.5M with possible incentives pushing it near $61M. The total guaranteed amount of the deal is $35M, which is the shocking number.

Bell turned down $33M guaranteed from the Steelers last year and stated his main goal was money. Well, he lost $14.5M last year and ended up getting less guaranteed than he was offered.

Is this his fault? His agent? Who knows, but either way Bell made one of the worst financial decisions of his career.

Running backs are not valued the same way they have been in the past. Between duo backfields and the growing number of high performing mid round backs, teams simply don’t find the position as one that they should invest in, as they have in the past. 

Bell would have been better off taking the 2-year guaranteed contract from the Steelers. The contract was more lucrative and been in line for a fresh contract at 28 years-old.

Aside from the money, Sam Darnold should be jumping in the air with this deal. Teams will surely stack the box and ask him to beat them.

The Jets have presented very little offensive prowess in recent years. The signing of Le’Veon Bell changes that. Adam Gase has officially started to mold this team.

Gase didn’t have much that closely resembled elite backs during his time with the Dolphins.

Between the signings on defense, a young QB, and new coaching staff, the Jets may be a team to watch on the rise.

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