Apparently J.B. Needs Me To Remind Him About Our Baseball Draft

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Several years ago, I joined a competitive fantasy baseball league. Over that time we have tweaked and tinkered with the league to make it as competitive and as high stakes as possible.

There were times in the past where the Great Sambino and I’s attentiveness, alone, helped us win full seasons. But those days have passed and we now play in a fair and reasonable manner, without too much bull crap going on.

This year we decided to expand the league, dissolving several teams , adding a few more, etc. Two of our newest members are none other than Ben Baseball and J.B., a couple of SLM stalwarts.

The Great Sambino set the draft date and time, emailed everyone with the details, everyone agreed, and we were off to the races. The email is as follows:

Pretty clear, right? Please take note of when this email was sent. March 7th, 2019. A full SEVEN days before the draft.

Fast forward to yesterday, March 14, the morning of the draft. I received the following text from one J.B.:

You can see that J.B. was checking out the rules before he got some studying in. Very common. I don’t fault him for this, whatsoever.

The draft began at 8:00 ET, and when that time came around, J.B., who held the first pick, I might add, was nowhere to be found.

I lined up my first few picks and then jumped on SL Radio to record the show/draft at the same time.

As the draft went on, we got down to the end when I get the following texts from J.B.:

This morning, as I was editing an episode of On The Break, I see a blog from J.B. enter the pipeline for editing:

J-Mac Is Out For Baseball Blood

I take many issues with this hit piece but I will only lay out several:

1. Why am I responsible for making sure that he logs on to draft his team? I’m not the commissioner, I’m a participant. A participant who has a vested interest in all other teams in our league failing. Why doesn’t J.B. take issue with the Great Sambino (who is the commissioner, I might add) or Ben Baseball?

2. When it comes to fantasy baseball, there are NO friends. You don’t trust your own brother, much less someone as competitive as me. J.B. has known me for a long time now. Shame on him for not knowing me better than that.

3. J.B. has worked at SLM for 7 months, and has a better understanding of what we do than almost anyone. So if he thinks that I’m going to save him from a burning building instead of watching that building go up in a blazing inferno and then NOT create content out of it, I don’t know what to tell him.

4. I have been a god damn force to deal with in this league for the past 3 seasons. I have had my ups and downs, just like anyone else. But I have never finished below 4th place. And guess what….I don’t intend to start now.


So J.B. can talk all the shit in the world about trying to take me down, and how he will see to it that I finish at the bottom of the league. Well, guess what, J.B….I’ve got at least a 2 year head start on you, given how badly you messed up your own draft.

I do admire the efforts of trying to blame me for ineptitude.

See ya in the funny papers, ya filthy rodent.