J-Mac Is Out for Baseball Blood

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Fantasy baseball is finally here! Most folks are drafting over the next week or two and for most of us, it’s an exciting time.

I have been playing fantasy baseball for 13 years now. In my first season I took Ichiro in the first round.

What a time the draft is, though! You get to take your favorite players and watch them daily. There’s no better feeling then getting your hometown favorite to cheer on while enjoying the summer past time.

I was recently asked to join a league with some friends including our very own founder, J-Mac. I was excited to play in a highly competitive keeper league, since there is true parity. We had our draft last night where I got to select my squad….or, at least I thought I would.

With the hype of conference tournaments and my dog insisting we go to the park, the draft slipped my mind. In 13 years I have never missed a fantasy draft in any sport. Two hours after it started, the realization set in and my heart completely sunk.

I log in to find 2 rounds left to pick, which is probably 2 guys I cut before opening day.

The worst part of this is not receiving a text from my friend, colleague, and commish, J-Mac. He is so worried about me dominating this league that he was happy to let Yahoo draft me ever overrated player.

I’m beyond motivated now. He poked the bear, awoke a monster. I will win this league and take every match up 100% personal.

Reminder for all of you with drafts coming up, to set a reminder on your phone. Also, remember you can trust no one. Especially ones that are so threatened of your fantasy sports skill that they won’t remind you about drafts.

Enjoy the bottom of the standings, J-Mac.

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